Time is flying, and I am doing nothing about it.

Next month I need to get serious about looking into places to live.  I might be able to do an easy move to the sister-apartment complex of my current place, but I also don’t want to limit myself to just that option–I need to see what’s out there and where.  Right?

Sometimes I worry that I made a mistake moving into the corporate world from the non-profit world.  I’m sure that it’s just the learning curve, getting used to such a different way of doing things.  And honestly, my company has a very non-corporate feel to it, which helps.  But still.  I suppose that, worst case scenario, I put in a year or so, then move on.

I did some number crunching, and if I continue with my current budget, I should be able to have my student loan paid off in four years.  I can’t tell you how excited that makes me.  The sense of freedom will be amazing.  There’s so much I don’t do and don’t consider doing because I have this debt hanging over me.  As soon as it’s gone, I can get down to real fun.  Or maybe even the idea of saving up for a house?  (HAHAHA, yeah right, like I’ll ever have the money for that.)

I guess that’s it.  Nothing exciting, nothing overly emotional, just my Saturday morning musings.