It’s a three day weekend, thankfully. One of my favorite people to follow on twitter posted this:

So I’m right on schedule for Saturday.  I am hoping, however, to abstain from Monday’s feeling until at least that evening. :)

I’m going shopping tomorrow for an outfit for my best friend’s wedding.  I’m also in need of a jacket–like a sport coat / suit jacket type– because I need to go to court for my job for court supervised cases (just a normal part of the job), and I can’t just show up in a button up and a tie.  At least, the men in the office all go in a jacket, as well as a tie.  So I feel like I ought to follow suit.

But I’m nervous about trying to find a jacket that looks right and fits right.  I’m guessing I’ll likely have to get it tailored, so I’m nervous about finding a tailor who will be willing to do it right (i.e. not try to put feminine curves in).  Uggh.

I’m hoping my shopping karma is strong tomorrow.