I only have a few minutes before I need to get my ass out the door, but…

I got a suit last weekend!  I could go into the whole experience, but just imagine suits being a shit-ton more expensive than you realized and also none of them fitting right.  Especially the pants.  Oh, and add in a wool allergy so that your choices are limited to almost nothing.

I ended up at Men’s Warehouse.  I didn’t start there, but I did end there.  They have this cool custom suit line where you can pick your fit, your fabric, etc.  And tailoring is, of course, included.  It was very reasonably priced, too.  So I picked a navy cotton suit.  On the suit label inside the front panel (idk if you all know what I’m talking about because I barely do), they put custom words.  I guess a lot of folk put their names (nope, not me).  But I am having them put, “Butch Please.”  hahahahahaha   I think I’m  hilarious.  Many thanks to Autostraddle’s Kate for her column that first introduced this wondrous phrase to me.

I won’t talk about the sales guy right now.  He started strong but ended weak, and I did nothing about it for a few reasons, which were probably stupid.  The friend I had with me was super angry at him, although it may have been hanger, as we took much longer than expected and lunch was just a distant hope at that point…  But, still, I should talk about it later because I’m surprised at my lack of demanding respect.

Off to go do things!

Oh, and one last note: my next tattoo is scheduled for July 17th!  Eeekk!!