This weekend B and I went camping.  It was glorious!  We spent two nights by the river, which was just fantastic.  It was pretty hot, but yesterday we had the bright idea (okay, B had the bright idea, and I followed suit) to dip our (non-cotton) shirts in the river, then put them back on.  It was way too cold to actually submerge ourselves.  I’m going to tell you: despite the temps being in the eighties, with wet shirts, we didn’t feel the heat at all.

B brought a hammock, and we spent a fair amount of time reading–she in the hammock, me in my camp chair.  Or we talked. Or moseyed around the site.  Or mused about the hetero couples/groups surrounding us and whether or not we’d act that ridiculously if we were on a trip with a bunch of hot lesbians we were trying to impress…

We also did a fair amount of day drinking and a bit of pot smoking.  (Note 1: Pot is legal where I live. Note 2: all wood cutting and kindling making was done before intoxication. We’re not fools.)

I also got 9-10 bug bites because I insisted on wearing shorts and sleeveless tops.  It was worth it, but I might think about investing in some lightweight hiking/camping clothes that are long sleeved/pants.  I think B only got a couple bites in comparison and she remained covered most of the time.

We also learned that we need to check how dry the wood is before we buy it. One bundle was damp and wouldn’t burn, so we had to set it up by the fire to dry for the next day.  It took us quite a while to get a fire going that first night… lame damp wood.  Plus we only brought queer newspapers to burn (since that’s all we ever pick up in the city), which we hadn’t finished reading (oops), so we read the good articles right before burning them.

Today we got back home in time to still get chores done.  I’m not sure how much B got done at her place, but I know I did fairly well here.  The cats seem happy to have me back, too.

I had a really relaxing weekend.  I’m super glad to have a camping friend in my life. It had been too long.