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It’s only Sunday, but I can tell you already that it’s been a big weekend for me.

I had my second session for my Hogwarts tattoo.  One more should do the trick.  I’ll try to post a picture later–it’s looking beautiful!

I started reading “Lost Boi” by Sassafras Lowrey.  I’m only a few chapters in, but it is amazing. Especially if you are a fan of the Peter Pan genre (I say it that way because while it is a book, a damn good one, there are multiple interpretations in movie/play/etc form), and are interested in queer interpretations of said genre.  I won’t go into all the ways that this gets me in the feels, but check it out for yourself.


tattoo outline

Here is the outline of my tattoo (sorry you can’t see the outside edges with their amazing scroll work). The picture isn’t great, plus it looks messy because of the tracing stuff that’s kind of hanging out still.  This is the result of two hours.  It’ll probably be another two to finish.

My artist is, obviously, amazing.  They would have done a bit more of the detail, but I was dying.  Apparently, being on your period (or just about to start–like probably tonight or tomorrow) can make getting tattoos much more painful.  Yet another reason that periods are the worst.

But the experience was great, and I’m really looking forward to getting the shading and colour put in.  That won’t be until the end of August, but I can wait.

It’s so beautiful. :)

My tattoo is scheduled for this coming Sunday. I feel slight bits of trepidation, but only about silly things.  I’m going by myself because there’s no one I’d want to come along, plus my artist is a Harry Potter nerd like me, so I suspect we will engage in much geekery over the Harry Potter universe.  I am always struck by how permanent a tattoo is, how my leg will forever be tattooed.  But I am happy to think of it.  I have not nearly enough tattoos at present.

Yesterday, I made homemade pita bread for the first time.  I am clearly living my best life.  They are not only super easy to make, but 1000x better than store bought pita bread.  I used the recipe from The Kitchn, but I’m sure they’re all more or less the same.  Definitely include oil in the dough.  Yum, yum, yum.

In more serious news, things going on in this nation make me heart-sad. Why is it so hard to believe that #BlackLivesMatter?

I have very exciting news.

I found a queer tattoo artist who is going to do my next tattoo.  Bonus points: she also loves Harry Potter.  My consultation is next Friday.  I’m not sure when the actual tattoo will happen.

Did I mention what my plan is for the next tattoo?  I want to get the Hogwarts crest with the Ravenclaw quadrant in color, but the rest in black.

If everything goes well with this artist, I’m going to have her help me design a half or three-quarter sleeve next.

I’m super excited that this is finally happening.

Today I made a strawberry cornmeal cake, and it’s all I can do to save it until it cools (when it will be 100% tastier).  It just smells so delicious, and the memory of the last time I made it is dancing through my head.

My friend is coming to visit this Sunday.  That’s in just a few days!  My staycation starts this Friday.  That’s even sooner!

I’m craving chocolate a bit too much.  Also, Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food is seriously the best ice cream ever in the entire world.

There is no rhyme or reason to this post.  And I’m not going to apologize.

I would like to be in a relationship with someone who will binge/marathon watch the Harry Potter movies with me.  Maybe I’ll make that a life goal. (haha)

My birthday is this Saturday.  Feel free to send gifts.

I actually have a tree this year.  Lights, no ornaments, because my cats are, well, cats.

For Christmas day, I’m going to the folks’ and bringing orange white chocolate chip rolls (some with dried cranberries) that I’ve made and have frozen (uncooked), and I’m also going to make a loaf of Santa Bread.  (Seriously, so cute.)  I’m sincerely hoping it doesn’t turn out hideous.

Speaking of holidays, my only real weight loss goal for this season is to not gain weight.  I think I’ve mentioned I’ve been on My Fitness Pal for awhile now–and have lost 4 pounds so far.  But until January, it’s okay so long as I just maintain.

Plus, in honor of Christmas, J.K. Rowling has a 12 days of Christmas thing on Pottermore.  It’s fantastic!  Answer a riddle and get a new scene, every day!  I’ve already made a new potion–Doxycide, but have to wait until I have more time to make the Shrinking Potion.  So great.  I love Harry Potter.

I have a goal to make as many pumpkin recipes as I can from two weeks before Thanksgiving until Christmas.  So far, I’ve made Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread, Pumpkin Pasties from my Harry Potter cookbook, Pumpkin Coffeecake (kind of my own recipe), and Double Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake (in a graham cracker pie crust).  I froze half of each of the last three recipes (the pumpkin bread was eaten, in full), so that I will have them on demand.  And I have several more in mind to make.  But let me tell you: I am loving this goal!  It is tasty and delicious.

Incidentally, last week I started getting up at 5am so I can get 20-30 minutes of exercise in before I start my day.  I plan to continue that and hopefully battle the inevitable holiday weight gain.

And speaking of my Harry Potter cookbook, today I made Molly’s Meatballs with Onion Sauce.  I made barley to go with it and froze most of it for lunches, but I had one meatball tonight.  So good!  So far, this cookbook is excellent.  I highly recommend it, if you are a Harry Potter nerd like me.

Thanksgiving went well, also.  I got to my parents’ house at 8am to help with cooking.  I stayed until 5:30pm, and would have stayed later, but I like to get home in time to relax before bed.  And since I go to bed so early…  Anyway, having a four day weekend was superb.  I watched Firefly all of Friday, then spent most of yesterday and today “getting things done.”  I do wish I had deep cleaned my bathroom as intended, though.  Alas, another time.  Soon.

I went to my library the other day, to see if I couldn’t check out the next book in the Twilight series.  My mom had only sent me the first one, you know.  It wasn’t available, but I had it put on hold.  On my way out of the library, I decided to peruse the Friends of the Library book store they had…  I found the remaining three Twilight books, and three others, for $20.00.

That said, I have now read the entire Twilight series.  It is a sad thing when I can read a book that is around 700 pages long in one day.  One day that is not even empty, but filled with jury duty and other life necessities.  Easy reading, like I said before.  Yesterday I finished the last book.  And throughout the whole of them, I did continue to laugh at the most inopportune moments.

I’m disappointed at how perfectly everything turned out.  It’s simply not realistic.  Nothing really went wrong, and certainly not permanently wrong.  It’s one of the reasons I could never love this series.  There’s nothing to love; everything and everyone is too one-dimensional.  There’s no character development, there’s no investment.  It’s just a poorly written story that is good for amusement.

Which again is why I promote the Harry Potter series.  Exceptional literature.

Anyway, the worst of this is that I dreamed about Twilight all last night.  It was terrible, and every time I woke up, I was irritated.  But every time I fell back asleep, the dream was waiting for me.

Let that be a lesson to me: do not read bad literature, even just for laughs.

I have just one more week of freedom before I’m starting Atkins.  Am I nervous?  Yes.  Do I wonder if I have the willpower?  Yes.  Do I question my ability to keep up an essentially no bread diet indefinitely?  Yes.  I love bread, pasta, carbohydrates.  I’ve been cutting down on them for awhile now, all in preparation.  I want to do this diet for two reasons: 1. to lose weight (duh) and 2. to reset my body’s carbohydrate cravings.  They are my go-to food, and I want to try to have more balance in my diet and nutrition.  I’m all about moderation.  So while Atkins doesn’t start moderately, it ends moderately and according to your own body’s needs and chemistry.

Last week and this week I’ve been eating my way through all my non-Atkins approved perishables: milk, fruit, carrots, etc.  Hence why recently I made a carrot apple ginger soup, which was actually pretty good, but with it’s lovely orange colour, definitely makes you think of Fall, not Summer.

Speaking of orange coloured soup for some reason makes me think of pumpkin juice, hence Harry Potter.  All that to say, I broke down and purchased the first six Harry Potter movies.  They were at Freddie’s for $7 each and I could not help myself.  I’ll still have to purchase the last two at some point in the future (Part 7i and 7ii).  And I feel a little lame because I’d been waiting since the 4th movie came out to buy any: I wanted to get them as a set, telling myself it’d be the most cost effective way.  And a year or two after the full set comes out, it probably will be.  But $7 a movie??  You won’t beat that.  You might be able to compare to it, but you won’t beat it.

So Dad and I are watching HP7ii the first weekend in August.  I will be watching all the movies that weekend (I’ll have to borrow HP7i from a friend) in accordance with #3 on my 30 before 30 list.   I think we’re going to see the new one in IMAX, as that is Dad’s preferred venue.  I’m pretty excited.

Changes are in the wind!