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It’s only Sunday, but I can tell you already that it’s been a big weekend for me.

I had my second session for my Hogwarts tattoo.  One more should do the trick.  I’ll try to post a picture later–it’s looking beautiful!

I started reading “Lost Boi” by Sassafras Lowrey.  I’m only a few chapters in, but it is amazing. Especially if you are a fan of the Peter Pan genre (I say it that way because while it is a book, a damn good one, there are multiple interpretations in movie/play/etc form), and are interested in queer interpretations of said genre.  I won’t go into all the ways that this gets me in the feels, but check it out for yourself.


It’s been a long time since I felt challenged by anything, even in little ways.  I’m taking this Python course, and while most of it is fairly straightforward and simple, there are still challenges that I have to struggle through.  And while I hate it, I love it.

To clarify, I’m fairly certain I hate it because I might be a bit conceited when it comes to my intelligence and ability to learn.  I’m used to most things coming easily, especially if I want to learn them.  So to find that I have to try and put forth effort makes me feel insecure, makes me worry that perhaps I’m not smart enough for tech.  But at the same time, it presents a challenge to be overcome, and I love that.  I love knowing that I don’t have all the answers, that I will have to put extra time into something to understand it fully.  I get bored so easily that I need things that keep me stretching.

Putting the words “love life” in the title feels a little misleading, but since when have my titles been any good, anyway?

More specifically, I don’t have a love life. I do have a very active dating life.  (ha!)

I’ve been texting a woman this last week.  I’m meeting her tomorrow–we’re going to my favourite dive bar.  I think the atmosphere is perfect there.  It’s casual, it’s friendly, it’s divey.  We’ve been having some good texting rapport, but of course, that really means nothing in the end.  And, she’s rather new to the area, still pretty homesick, so my instant suspicion is that perhaps she is just lonely and cannot be trusted to be truly interested.  We’ll see how it goes.

Two nights ago I went out with a lady that very quickly became obvious she is too much my opposite.  Primarily, the financial decisions she makes horrifies me.  It goes beyond neutrally bad decisions (of which I make some myself) to harmfully bad (in my opinion).  For example, when you’re broke and very much in debt already, it seems a poor idea to go to Thailand on credit…  Anyway, she’s also one of those “free spirits” that sort of drive me nuts, to be honest.  PLUS, she’s a hardcore vegetarian, and I ordered a burger. hahahaha  I’m kind of a jerk.

And finally, my tattoo is healing nicely so far. It’s still a bit swollen, which I blame mostly on the heat and wearing long pants and shoes.  There may be no connection, but I think there is. :)

Well, off to the daily grind!

tattoo outline

Here is the outline of my tattoo (sorry you can’t see the outside edges with their amazing scroll work). The picture isn’t great, plus it looks messy because of the tracing stuff that’s kind of hanging out still.  This is the result of two hours.  It’ll probably be another two to finish.

My artist is, obviously, amazing.  They would have done a bit more of the detail, but I was dying.  Apparently, being on your period (or just about to start–like probably tonight or tomorrow) can make getting tattoos much more painful.  Yet another reason that periods are the worst.

But the experience was great, and I’m really looking forward to getting the shading and colour put in.  That won’t be until the end of August, but I can wait.

It’s so beautiful. :)

My tattoo is scheduled for this coming Sunday. I feel slight bits of trepidation, but only about silly things.  I’m going by myself because there’s no one I’d want to come along, plus my artist is a Harry Potter nerd like me, so I suspect we will engage in much geekery over the Harry Potter universe.  I am always struck by how permanent a tattoo is, how my leg will forever be tattooed.  But I am happy to think of it.  I have not nearly enough tattoos at present.

Yesterday, I made homemade pita bread for the first time.  I am clearly living my best life.  They are not only super easy to make, but 1000x better than store bought pita bread.  I used the recipe from The Kitchn, but I’m sure they’re all more or less the same.  Definitely include oil in the dough.  Yum, yum, yum.

In more serious news, things going on in this nation make me heart-sad. Why is it so hard to believe that #BlackLivesMatter?

I have very exciting news.

I found a queer tattoo artist who is going to do my next tattoo.  Bonus points: she also loves Harry Potter.  My consultation is next Friday.  I’m not sure when the actual tattoo will happen.

Did I mention what my plan is for the next tattoo?  I want to get the Hogwarts crest with the Ravenclaw quadrant in color, but the rest in black.

If everything goes well with this artist, I’m going to have her help me design a half or three-quarter sleeve next.

I’m super excited that this is finally happening.

I’ve realized recently that now that I have a tattoo, I believe it could, in theory, be possible for me to be married.  Sort of.  Let me explain.

I’ve always been a commitment-phobe.  It’s not that I can’t keep my commitments; it’s that I worry I will commit to the wrong person and be stuck.  And having seen so many awful marriages, I think this is a valid concern.  You can’t ever get rid of a tattoo.  Once you have it, you have it.  Yes, there are laser treatments, but I hear those leave scars.  Kind of like divorce.  Of course, my tattoo can’t decide to leave me or to not like me anymore.  So I’m not saying this is a perfect comparison.

Moreover, I’ve always wondered what people meant when they say they “just know.”  (I’d like to cast some doubts on this still, citing once more the prevalence of bad marriages.)  But then I got my tattoo after wanting one for 11 years, just never finding the right design.  As soon as I saw it, I knew, and within just a few months, I got it.  That’s some fast-moving after waiting so long, yes?  But I have no doubts at all about wanting this design for the rest of my earthly life.  Maybe that’s how it works with people, too?

So, you see, now I know that it is possible for someone like me to someday get married, should I ever manage to date someone who made me feel better to be in a relationship than to be single.  I won’t be holding my breath.  But there’s at least slight hope.

I did it.  I got my first tattoo today.  I was definitely nervous, but definitely excited.  I loved the drawing my artist did, so that made it easy.  I will say this: the first five minutes hurt like hell.  But after the endorphins kicked in, we had a great conversation about faith (he’s agnostic) and the time just flew.  I think it took a little under an hour.  I love it.  Although, I do keep looking down and thinking, “this is never going away.”

It’s still quite red in this picture, as this was taken right after my tattoo was done.  But didn’t the artist do a great job?  I think it looks fantastic.

I think I’ve talked about what my tattoo means already, but in case I didn’t (or in case you’re too lazy to scroll down, for which I do not blame you), I will briefly explain again.  My tattoo is one of the earliest symbols of Christianity; it’s the Chi Rho, which are the first two letters of the Greek word for Christ.  The Chi Rho symbolize Christ, the Chi (X) also represents the crucifixion and the wreath represents the resurrection.  So I essentially have the whole Gospel on my arm.  I’m excited to have the reminder for myself, plus a conversation starter with others.

Love it.

I don’t think this blog will be coherent, so bear with me.  But with any luck, it will be entertaining.

Today, I went to Starbucks to get Greek done.  They’re having a “free petite pastry” with a specialty drink deal.  I had two iced Americanos, hence two free pastries.  I forgot it was Lent!  Lame, lame, lame.  I suppose the only way I can properly make this up is to continue fasting this Sunday to make up for today.  (Did I mention I gave up sweets for Lent?)

Also, I am working my way through the first three weeks of St. Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises during Lent.  I’m doing each twice as long and after Easter I will work my way through week four.  I admit this: so far I fail.  Since I’m doing an “at home” retreat, I’m supposed to spend one hour each day on this.  Day one, I managed 30 minutes of prayer.  Day two I forgot.  Day three (today), I only got in 25 minutes of prayer.  I had better up my game!  But you know, it’s the first time I’ve done something like this, so I suppose, just as with any discipline, it takes practice.

I met with my historical theology professor today to talk about a project for class, and he also gave me some great direction for my thesis. He suggested looking at John Chrysostom’s writings because apparently the guy wrote about how the homeless are an icon of Jesus (more so than any man made icon could ever be).  Anyway, the whole meeting was fabulous, and I left very encouraged.  On another note, I said something about not having any friends here and he didn’t believe me (I must appear very social), so I had to explain that no one wants to be my friend (too busy?), hence why I need a church where I can find people to be friends with.

There was a blast from my past today that I’m not sure I appreciate.

Watermelon yogurt is absolutely terrible.  Don’t ever buy it.  Really, don’t.

In less than a week, if everything goes to plan, I will be tattooed.  Can you imagine?  Me, with a tattoo.  I will be permanently disfigured.  No one will ever love me.  I will never get a real job.  I will be a social outcast.  Okay, not really, but I am sure those thoughts will be there somewhere, spurred on by my conservative upbringing.  I’m actually really excited, but really scared all at the same time.  I know I will like it; I’m just worried that I will be a big wimp during the process.  Willpower!

Alright, that’s it for now folks.  Thanks for making it through my rambles.

I think I’ve finally decided what tattoo I want to get.  I’ve wanted one for the past 11 years; I’ve just never settled on it.  I knew I wanted something to do with my faith, something I would want forever.  For awhile, I looked at Celtic designs, but two things held me up: the pagan associations with most of the designs and the fact they are so bulky.  (Don’t get me wrong, I still love the Celts.)  I finally came across the Chi Rho (forgive me for linking to Wikipedia, but it’s so easy).  Now I only have a few things to do: think about the design (plain, more detailed, with a wreath or not), decide it’s location (probably upper back or shoulder blade) and figure out where I should go to get it done.  After that, all I have to do is muster up the guts to actually go through with it.

With all my commitment issues, this is sure to be a good step.