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Only a few more days until I leave for my best friend’s wedding.  You’d think I’d be getting more done in preparation, but I apparently believe the next two evenings will be sufficient. Ha.  All I need to do, really, is ironing, packing, cleaning.  Um, yeah.  My friends who are driving up with me will be getting here Tuesday evening.  Tomorrow evening I’m supposed to finish my homework assignment for the next week (or, at least, get a good start on it).

Well.  It’ll all get done.  In the meantime, I’m having a beer and watching lame-ass movies.

Speaking of not lame-as movies, I just watched 52 Tuesdays on Netflix.  If you haven’t seen it, watch it.  It was thought provoking, and I thought well done.

I’ve been coming across the term ‘boi’ more and more, and I’m beginning to think it may be a fit for me.  I’m still not sure I’ll adopt it, but I’m going to spend some time trying it on, tasting it, seeing how it feels.


Online dating is the worst.  And yet, I’m back again.

You know what/who else is the worst?  Jillian Michaels.  Ever since I got the new job at work, I’ve nearly given up on exercise, but I’m really starting to feel like a sluggard.  So this morning, with fresh commitment in my heart, I decided to jump start intentional movement (aka exercise) again.  Jillian’s 30 Day Shred, even Level 1, is brutal.  I can’t imagine ever being good enough to progress to the next level (there are 3).  Probably because I hate it so much I don’t use that video very often.  (A vicious cycle.)

And it’s April, you guys.  April!  Do you know–my friend’s shower is in 2 weeks?!?!  This weekend I need to get a move on prepping/finishing things that need to get done ahead of time.  But I want to play this weekend.  Life, how you smite me with your responsibilities.

[Rhetorical Question Ahead] How weird is it that everyone is married or getting married?

I mean… people my age are married… some of them with kids… and houses…

And I’m just hoping to move out into my first real apartment.


Somehow I missed the boat.  I meant to be married and settled down by now.  But instead, I’m nearly devoted to a life of singleness.  (I say nearly because I am currently in a stage in which I wish for nothing more than a husband and kids–although still not natural born, but adopted.)

It makes me feel young.  And not in a good way.

Single friends: you understand, right?