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Weekends are never long enough.  Still on my list of chores to do: laundry, ironing, scrub the tub, vacuum.  But guess how many hours of Netflix I’ve watched already?  Oops.

I have a friend coming over this afternoon–we may take a walk or just stay inside.  It depends on what the weather decides to do.  Tomorrow I have a second date with a woman I met online–we’re going bowling.  I’m sure I will impress her with my ability to get an absurd amount of gutter balls…

I think a trip to Starbucks may be in order when my friend gets here.  Priorities.


“But I know I’m gonna change that tune, when I’m back on top, back on top in June.”  Thanks, Sinatra, for explaining things so well.


I recently started using my dining room table again, at least for breakfast.  It’s easy to forgo it, living alone.  But there’s something so nice about sitting at the table with breakfast, a cup of coffee, and whatever book I’m currently reading.  It just feels better.

I’m counting down every week, for no other reason than to wish for the weekend.  I think I should plan a mini vacation (staycation, probably) at some point after the holidays.  I think I just need more than a couple or few days to rejuvenate.  And perhaps to feel like I have the time to work on some projects I’ve had on the back burner.

Also, I wish that cheese didn’t have so many calories in it.  I’m using myfitnesspal with work friends, trying to lose the weight I’ve allowed to creep on, and it’s a great app, but so condemning.  And cheese is just so delightful–I keep daydreaming of all sorts of comforting, delicious dishes, like mac & cheese or grilled cheese sandwiches.  But the calories!  Sigh.

I have had one of those busy weekends that leaves me feeling exhausted.  And I only have the rest of today to recover before another week arrives.  Don’t get me wrong: it was a great weekend.  Just tiring for the introvert that I am.  (Additionally, I have gotten so used to doing next to nothing–socially–on the weekends that it takes me awhile to get used to doing more.)

Today, for the first time in over a year, I slept in until a little after 8am.  I couldn’t believe it myself.  I only got out of bed when I did because I remembered I had to serve at church this morning, so had to arrive an hour early at 9:30am.  Only when I looked at my planner, it was actually 9am that I had to be there… So maybe not the best day to sleep in.  But I’m always up at 6am at the latest, so I never set my alarm clock on the weekend.  Oh well.

I still have to make red potato soup tonight.  And I need to get some black beans soaking for a couple of recipes this week.  But I might just curl up on the couch this afternoon with a movie.  That sounds nice and restful, right?

I did like a million things today.  And it feels great.

The cushions for the rocking chair are finally finished–they look quite nice, if I do say so myself.  Plus it’s super comfy.

I made dinner rolls, then froze them for later.  But I ate two just to make sure they were delicious.  They were.

I made an apple pie for tomorrow (my grandma, parents, and sister are coming over).  I also froze up three mini apple pie fillings for later this season.  Plus, with leftover dough, I made an apple pie pocket: it was also delicious.

Not to mention going to the grocery, doing laundry, and spending time with a friend (while multi-tasking, I admit–although we did go to the book store).

My friend and I are planning to do our own pirated version of NaNoWriMo.  We’re going to start Oct 10 and finish Nov 11 (10/10 to 11/11), and thus miss the holidays.  Plus, we’re changing other rules: we merely have to write 50,000 words.  It can be on existing stories.  Our point is that we both have starts to stories, but not much follow through.  The hope is to really get some stuff done.

Now I’m staying up late, watching a movie, waiting for my pie to cool.

Life is good on the weekends.