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I never have anything to say anymore.

I gave my number to a guy, but I don’t think he’s going to call.  But for all I know he’s in a relationship or is gay.  (I would like to state that I would welcome a friendship, regardless–he’s super cool.)  So kudos for me for bravery, and hopefully he won’t be weird about it when I see him again since he apparently isn’t going to call me, even though he should?

I went into the city today for a change of scenery.  I got a bunch of shopping for my friend’s wedding shower done.  I also purchased a few things for myself.  They are amazing, by the way, such as a super cool new skirt for the summer.  And I finished the day by seeing friends.  I even pretended to watch a soccer game with a couple of them.  I mean, they were watching the game, and I was looking in the direction of the game, but I was not seeing anything.  Hopefully my chatter wasn’t too annoying.  (haha)

Speaking of skirts… I haven’t shaved my legs since October.  And I kind of want to just not shave again.  I think I am actually fine with the idea of wearing shorts and skirts with hairy legs.  If men can, why can’t I?  Body hair is 100% normal, and is not something we should be ashamed of.  We all have hair on our legs (among other places, ahem.)  If my hair legs offend someone, they are probably not anyone I want in my life anyway, right?

So who’s with me??  Say no to shaving!


It happened. I have succumbed to my first cold of the season.  Well, my first cold since last Winter/Spring.  (Yes, I know it’s not actually spring yet, but you couldn’t tell that by the weather.)

I also might be getting an eye infection.  But I’m trying a bit of home treatment–it hasn’t gotten worse, and it may be getting better, so I will monitor the situation closely.  And, naturally, hope for the best.  It’s not the best time to go to the doctor.

If I lived with someone, I think I would let my cold become a “man cold,” so that I could laze about and be pathetic.  Instead, I still have to get shit done.  Boo

My sister is autistic.  High functioning, but still autistic.  If you don’t know much about it, you’ll probably just think she has some “interesting” social habits.  The reason I bring this up is how very awful people are to her and have been her whole life.

I spent a lot of my childhood defending her.  I lost friends (that is, chose to not be their friend) because of how they would treat her.  But adults are no better than children.

Most recent example: My dad had joined an informal Christian bowling league.  He got my mom and sister to join, too.  They all really enjoyed it.  But after my sister’s first year, they told my dad that he was welcome to come back, but not my sister.  The complete assholes. Worst Christians ever.  (Note: Dad did not go back.  He didn’t berate them as I wish he had, but he did tell them he couldn’t return.  By the by, my sister knows NOTHING of this, nor should she.  She’s already aware of how people suck–she doesn’t need more examples.)

Yes, sometimes she does things that are annoying or cringe-worthy (only cringe-worthy because you know how other people will view it and that most of them are terrible).  But the things she does are never on purpose that way, and it’s not like she can  help it.  So if it’s a problem, it’s yours, not hers.

And if you’re a Christian, you have double the reason to be kind, caring, loving.  (Insert spiel about being like Jesus here.)


It’s really hard for me to be a Christian and to want to go to church when things like this make me hate Christians so much.