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The worst is when you make a bad cup of coffee in the morning because you just weren’t paying attention and/or were too tired to realize what you were doing. (Damn late nights–so fun, but so sleepy the next day.)

It’s the worst when you hang out with someone sober that you formerly met while slightly drunk and you realize they’re not that interesting when you haven’t been drinking.

It’s also the worst when your cat realizes she can get on top of the kitchen cupboards, then decides to pretty much just hang out up there and mock you.

But the real worst is when you send your mom an email coming out to her and your dad, but she goes on vacation without checking her email, so you have no idea when said email will be read.  Fuuuuck.


I have successfully moved.  I’m even mostly unpacked,  And my old apartment is mostly cleaned.  I’m off to a great start!

As anticipated, I am having to find brand new ways of storing things, since I have about half the closet space here as I did previously.  This is okay; it’s just that with two very naughty kittens such as mine, I have to be creative or else my things will be destroyed.

Speaking of the kittens… they are not impressed with the move.  But they’ll adjust.  Just like me.

Advice from Everyone Is Gay:

“Do you have any interest in getting coffee with a complete stranger?”
“I wrote my number on this piece of paper because I had the urge to ask you out, but didn’t want to do the uncomfortable thing where you have to answer right away and in front of people, so, if you’d like to – you have the option. If you don’t want to – no harm no foul, I will still make great jokes every morning when I order the same latte.”
“I would love to ask you out either as a new friend or an official date, if you’re comfortable or into either of those things.”

Super hot woman I follow online (in various formats): Dyke.  Or her twitter.  Or her instagram.  (I swear I’m not obsessed. Maybe just a little.)

Super awesome lesbian website:

Two very funny ladies: Rhea Butcher and Cameron Esposito.

Cutest underwear ever–someone buy me a pair. (Not gay, but feminist!)

I’m sure there’ll be more to post, but for now, this is a good start.

I am moving in 5 days!

Good thing since I just discovered a new batch of ants have found a new way into my apartment. FUCKING ANTS!

Yes, the caps were necessary.

Now, my mom came over while I was gone–without telling me ahead of time–on Sunday and packed for 4 hours.  This was very kind of her and much appreciated.  However… I had left out a few things I probably would have tucked away.  Such as my book Girl Sex 101, which was on my bedside table.  And The L Word, Season One, which was on my bookcase, along with Boys Don’t Cry and If These Walls Could Talk 2.  Not to mention the Feminist Porn book that was on my kitchen counter.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.  I’m sure she had to have seen at least one of these items… and probably all.  But you know, when I talked to her that night, she gave nothing away.  So either she is not as nosy as she has been her whole life, plus has no natural curiosity about what I am currently reading and leaving laying around, or she is faking it.  Or denying it?

Fuck. I just need to get the move over, let things settle a bit, then out myself to the parents and get it over with.  Maybe it won’t be as bad as I imagine. And maybe I’ll find a pet unicorn that poops rainbows.

My move is coming ever closer… a week and a half away, in fact.  I’m slowly packing.  Tonight, I got one whole box done, in fact!  Um… yeah.  I have the worst mental block ever about packing.  But my apartment is full of boxes–it looks terrible.  I’d say maybe half of the apartment is packed so far.  I can’t wait until it’s over, and I’m in my new place.

My hair is great!  I don’t think I’ll end up keeping it–I’ll probably just let it grow out.  But I like it a lot!  Tons of fun.  It’s good to have a change.

Work is going pretty good.  The quarter just ended, so I have more than usual to keep me busy, which is nice.

Um… I guess that’s it.  But if any of you would like to come over and pack my shit for me, please feel free!

Today, this morning at 8:30am in fact, I am going to bleach my hair. They told me to bring pictures of the color I want, so I printed out four of Megan Rapinoe. haha  (Oh my god, I love her so much.)

I’ve never done anything like this with my hair before, so I’m very, very nervous.  I mean, it can’t be more of a commitment than cutting my hair short.  But it feels so different and drastic.  I am placing much too much weight on my hair and its color.  But what if I look terrible?  (These are the moments in which I realize how vain I truly am on the inside.)

Regardless, I’m so ready for changes in my life.  And sometimes the only changes you can make are the small, manageable ones, like your hair.  So I guess what I’m doing is making as many small changes as I can, in order to have them add up to one big change.

And of course, I am also making big changes.  Don’t get me wrong.  But this one is so fucking visible.

Here’s hoping!

It’s back to real life.  The good thing is that I planned so well before my week off that there is almost no catching up to do at work, plus no mess to clean up.  Thank goodness!

I just discovered Megan Rapinoe, and I am in love.  Seriously.

My move is in less than three weeks.  My apartment is full of boxes.  I suppose I should start putting shit in them.  My mom totally asked me if I was going to need help packing.  I informed her that although I have never yet packed myself, I was going to give this time a real try.  It’s quite possible that she will have to finish, like every other time.  I am the worst packer ever.  Can’t I just throw it all away the day of the move?

In other news, life is full of hope and excitement and discovery and delight.

So I’ve had my friend with me this week, as previously mentioned.  The last two days have mostly been traipsing all over the city and the immediate area.  Today we’re going to do a hike, and this evening we will watch the sunset from a park that overlooks the city.  If there’s time in the middle, I’m not sure what the plan is, but I didn’t want to try to do too much, since hikes can take up a good portion of your day.  And I do not like feeling rushed.

Anyway, it’s been a lot of fun.  We’ve gotten to do a bunch of things I wouldn’t normally do.  I’ve even seen things and been places I never have, which is funny since I’ve lived in the area my whole life.

I did get burned on Monday. I forgot sunscreen and wore a tank top.  So now I have the worst lines ever, consisting of my oddly strapped tank top, bra straps, plus my purse strap which goes across my chest and back.  So incredibly terrible!  Not to mention it’s a burn, so it’s a bit painful, although that’s starting to go away.  Thankfully.