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A few points of interest (at least, to myself):

1. In the past two months, I’ve somehow gained 10 pounds.  Okay, it’s not such a mystery: the weather turned colder and wetter, the baked goods increased… What do you expect?  Regardless, I’m back on livestrong and am going to work it right back off.  Sigh.  Of course, instead of working out this morning, I made a german pancake for breakfast (ha), but I’m determined to take a lunch walk today.  Determined! (Especially because I have this great pair of navy slim fit pants and an awesome shirt that will only fit in 10 pounds less.)

2. I’m trying to decide which group to join at church.  They only go every quarter or so (which, I kind of think is a weird way to do groups, but c’est la vie), so it’s not a huge commitment…  There are really only two to choose from.  One is the truth project from Focus on the Family.  Now, I’m not such a huge fan of FF, and I fear the class would be like first year bible college, and at some point I’d accidentally let it out that I’ve also been to seminary, and then it’d be ruined.  Plus, it’s hard to be quiet in those groups when you have so many things you want to add…  Okay, the other group is the FPU Dave Ramsey cult-class.  But the leaders are the main pastor and his wife, both of whom I think are fantastic.  I refuse to pay $100+ for a class I don’t need (and one that teaches me to not spend money), but maybe if I just purchased whatever book it uses?

Anyway, all the other groups are for specific folks, like women or men or mothers or newly marrieds or…  I laughed when I saw the group offerings, because they were almost exactly what I predicted, except for the truth project.

3. This phase of wanting children isn’t going away.  I think I mentioned it somewhere on here.  Am I merely being beaten down by social norms?  I still don’t think having my own flesh & blood children would be a good idea, and I still advocate for adoption, but there is something very compelling about the whole idea.  At least it’s not such a big problem since I am single.  I suppose this would be much more difficult if I ever managed to have an actual, serious relationship with someone.

I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to admit I want a family.  I used to be open about that, but then in my mid-late twenties, I changed my mind, or my tune, or something, and since then…  Well, as I often say to friends, it’s easier to say you don’t want something if you can’t have it anyway.  I mean, who wants to be the single woman in her 30’s that everyone knows wants to be married and have children, but is always single?  Then they just start feeling bad for you, or worse, try setting you up on blind dates.  I would much rather be happy I’m single and enjoy the aspects of my current life than to be constantly wishing for what I don’t have.  (But that seems to be a good strategy in general, if you ask me.)

I still maintain that it would be easier to be single if I had more friends.  OR, the other strategy is to start dating someone and then steal their friends.  Two birds with one stone.  Right??


I can’t believe that it’s almost 2014.

I mean, really.  How on earth did a new year sneak up so quickly?

I’m not sure I’m going to make any resolutions.  Are any of you?

In other news, there’s nothing new to report.  I’m still going to that church.  I think by now we can safely say I’m going to keep going.  It has been about three months.  And folks there are so friendly.  I just wish there were more people my age (sans those who are married with children, because they are in abundance).  But I’ll find friends somehow.

A small sampling of why it could be said that I am subletting my apartment from my cats:

Their toys are many and scattered throughout the house because why pick them up since the cats are home more than I am?

I cannot keep Sophie off the kitchen table.  Instead, I’ve put a place mat at the far end and let her sleep on that.  Fear not, I wipe down the table before I use it.  As far as that goes, I wipe down every surface before I use it as I can’t seem to keep the cats from counters when I’m not around, either.

I bought a fleece blanket for the top of my bed because the cats like fleece, and I don’t mind if they knead (i.e. ruin) that blanket.

I open the living room window nearly every morning for 20-30 minutes because Shelby freaks out if I don’t.

I keep doors to rooms (not closets) open at all times so my cats can come and go as they please.  (Sophie has been known to push the bathroom door open if it’s closed and she wants in bad enough–the latch isn’t the best on that door.)

My cats basically have me wrapped around their little paws.  And they know it.

I have had one of those busy weekends that leaves me feeling exhausted.  And I only have the rest of today to recover before another week arrives.  Don’t get me wrong: it was a great weekend.  Just tiring for the introvert that I am.  (Additionally, I have gotten so used to doing next to nothing–socially–on the weekends that it takes me awhile to get used to doing more.)

Today, for the first time in over a year, I slept in until a little after 8am.  I couldn’t believe it myself.  I only got out of bed when I did because I remembered I had to serve at church this morning, so had to arrive an hour early at 9:30am.  Only when I looked at my planner, it was actually 9am that I had to be there… So maybe not the best day to sleep in.  But I’m always up at 6am at the latest, so I never set my alarm clock on the weekend.  Oh well.

I still have to make red potato soup tonight.  And I need to get some black beans soaking for a couple of recipes this week.  But I might just curl up on the couch this afternoon with a movie.  That sounds nice and restful, right?

I have a goal to make as many pumpkin recipes as I can from two weeks before Thanksgiving until Christmas.  So far, I’ve made Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread, Pumpkin Pasties from my Harry Potter cookbook, Pumpkin Coffeecake (kind of my own recipe), and Double Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake (in a graham cracker pie crust).  I froze half of each of the last three recipes (the pumpkin bread was eaten, in full), so that I will have them on demand.  And I have several more in mind to make.  But let me tell you: I am loving this goal!  It is tasty and delicious.

Incidentally, last week I started getting up at 5am so I can get 20-30 minutes of exercise in before I start my day.  I plan to continue that and hopefully battle the inevitable holiday weight gain.

And speaking of my Harry Potter cookbook, today I made Molly’s Meatballs with Onion Sauce.  I made barley to go with it and froze most of it for lunches, but I had one meatball tonight.  So good!  So far, this cookbook is excellent.  I highly recommend it, if you are a Harry Potter nerd like me.

Thanksgiving went well, also.  I got to my parents’ house at 8am to help with cooking.  I stayed until 5:30pm, and would have stayed later, but I like to get home in time to relax before bed.  And since I go to bed so early…  Anyway, having a four day weekend was superb.  I watched Firefly all of Friday, then spent most of yesterday and today “getting things done.”  I do wish I had deep cleaned my bathroom as intended, though.  Alas, another time.  Soon.